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An estate plan is a good way to protect your family from having to make difficult decisions after your death. It also protects your hard-earned assets and property, allowing you to decide where they will go.

At The Law Offices of Seth Eric Springer, Esq., LLC, we are here to assist you with developing an estate plan that addresses your individual circumstances. It may only involve the drafting of a will. It could be more involved depending on your goals and your individual situation.

In addition, if you need an attorney who is experienced at litigation involving estates, such as will contests, our firm has valuable experience.


We Offer Affordable Wills and Trusts

Many people wrongly believe they cannot afford the guidance of an attorney. Our firm offers affordable rates as well as payment plans that can work for you. Only when you get the advice of an experienced attorney will you fully understand your legal options when you create an estate plan.

Determine Whether You Need a Will or a Trust

Call our York, Pennsylvania, firm at 717-779-9023. If you prefer, you may contact through email. Our firm accepts credit cards.

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