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The courts calculate child support with a formula that considers several factors, including:

  • Each parent's income

  • Day care or child care expenses

  • The cost of medical insurance

  • Any Social Security or other benefits the child receives

  • The primary residence of the child or children

Protecting Your Rights In Child Support Issues

The Law Offices of Seth Eric Springer, Esq., LLC, are committed to educating our clients about their rights. We can assist you with resolving child support disputes, modifications and other related issues. If you are in this situation, call our firm to speak with an attorney for help.

Why Choose Us?

  • Affordable rates

  • Quality legal representation

  • Compassionate service

  • Frequent, easy-to-understand communication about your case

Contact The Law Offices Of Seth Eric Springer, Esq., LLC

While not every divorce will result in one party paying spousal support, that is not the case with child support. You child deserves the right to the financial support of both parents. We can help.

Call our York, Pennsylvania, firm at 717-779-9023. If you prefer, you may contact us through email.

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